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Client-Centred Holistic Psychotherapy

Specializing in the treatment of anxiety and depression, I use holistic approaches in exploring the mind-body connection. It is my honour to accompany clients on their journey toward healing. I believe that every person deserves a therapeutic environment tailored to his or her specific needs. Client-centred methods of psychotherapy give you the opportunity to experience a safe, confidential counselling hour where you can talk about whatever challenges you bring to therapy.

My experience over the past 25 years includes work with individuals, couples and families. I have worked with clients dealing with a wide range of presenting issues, including addiction, phobias, anxiety, depression, as well as grief and loss. Certified in Life Coaching, I also offer ways of examining life's transitions - in all its variations of light and shadow.

As of March 2020, I transitioned into working with clients through remote sessions via telephone or video conferencing. I believe that working with clients in the comfort of their homes is proving to be the wave of the future, since it is 100% safe in terms of physical health. 

Call or email for a free 30-minute intake session.